A new season begins, full of vitality and energy, in the mood for walking towards a fascinating future. A future that, innocently, almost unconsciously, is built upon our own steps, our own history.

In this new collection, Patricia catches us by surprise with its amusing and elegant optical motives in laser, geometrics and colour contrasts, and also with textures such as coco print on suede or powdery lizard. With a laid-back attitude, filled with Mediterranean tradition and elegance, Patricia presents its heritage, traditional hand-woven crafts, but also new multicolour patchworks, as in a cleaner and younger attitude, combined with exotic and colourful textures as well as bulky outsoles.

Colour takes the collection with elegant, spring-like tones such as taupe, sand, light grey and off white; other colours arrive from the Mediterranean summer, like the Moroccan sky blue, Santorini whites, intense tan from the Arab souks and sexy navy blues from the deep, dark sea: a game of contrasts.

Over-sized ornaments, in both versions, semisport or dress-up, but always luminous, and other details, take us back to the 1960s. With marine inspiration, as in the turtle-friendly, sustainable, mock carey. Multi-pieces, puzzle-like ornaments in soft colours for a sport femininity.

Day-time, smoothly square toe moccasins, sandals with an exotic touch in platforms, almond toe stilettos with open details, as well as bulky platforms and feminine sneakers are the key items with which Patricia starts the new season, so as to light up our steps.

Welcome to the Patricia 2020 Spring-Summer collection.