The essence of the new Patricia Fall Winter 2018 collection is marked by a combination of varied influences, with the main purpose of distinguishing the increasingly independent woman and bringing together the professional and the personal sides of her everyday life.

In the professional sphere, Patricia presents a new shoes and boots collection full of more casual details such as thick outsoles and urban-looking leathers. Oversized buckles and lace-up designs are also important elements in the new collection, fit for an eclectic woman that combines femininity with a unisex touch, as proposed in the Patricia Fall Winter 2018 loafers, oxfords and derbies.

In her more personal sphere, we present a stylish, sophisticated woman, a fashionista in patent stilettos with shiny flowers. Another of the outstanding lines in the new Patricia collection showcases some ultra-feminine shoes and ankle boots in leopard print leather, contrasted with plain black leather heels.

Last but not least, Patricia sets this winter trend with her authentic, Menorca-made western boots.

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