Spring, a time for rebirth, a time of lights, textures and colours. Time for a new beginning.

This is the way how Patricia projects her new Spring / Summer 2019 collection. Full of new volumes, new, more elaborated, pastel colours, wavy textures and new woven patterns that embellish the Patricia shoes, experimenting each season with new silhouettes, always reaching a top quality freshness and elegance.

New wovens with geometrical designs, soft and ultra-comfortable leathers, heel heights designed for walking, jute platforms or sport outsoles for sandals, and the essential element: the own Patricia brand creativity and artistic touch, far beyond fashion traditional conceptions.

MATERIALS such as soft kid napas, especially developed for wovens, soft and crinkled patent leathers. Vinyl and transparent heels set the trend, together with shiny leathers that highlight the glamour effect in the Patricia shoes.

HANDCRAFTED macramé comes combined with plain leathers. Suede, patent and reptile prints are all outstanding features of this collection.

Skin and make-up COLOURS muted reds, deep blues, and, of course, white and black colours are displayed almost everywhere in the new Spring / Summer 2019 collection.

In short, fashion that suits women, Patricia fashion from Menorca.

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