The new Patricia 20-21 Autumn / Winter collection pays tribute to the Lady attitude; a romantic woman, modern and adventurous who never loses her femininity.

Walking in style, with volume, wider or more dress up heels, revisiting the historical Louis XV, reflecting the expertise in details such as the new aged metal finishing, consolidating the squared toes and the high necklines; key items in the collection are the over-the-ankles booties and the mod-inspired chain boots, as well as the riding boots and the moccasins, both casual and dress up, in a younger version with thick outsoles and high heels but always comfortable.

New materials adapt the elegance and youth of the 70s, playing with shine/matt effects in patchworks and wovens, the depth of the patent leather and the contrast of the animal prints with the blacks.

Colour brings calmness and elegance with the burgundy tones, deep chocolate, warm, feminine and natural from the 50s, other more vivid and festive, right from the 70s, like the tans and the forest green, or the taupe and off whites, more luminous and pure.

A season to break the rules and get updated through fashion, comfort and hand craft mastery.

Patricia 20-21 Autumn / Winter, a collection to be enjoyed.